Innovative system to heat homes in a sustainable way.

What is Heater Windows?

HEATER WINDOWS are state-of-the-art heating windows that allow you to heat your home by means of  a radiator which works through the window profile.  This innovative design incorporates the radiator in the window generating energy saving and a healthy heat.   Besides, it gives an added value to your architectural design and can heat in isolation or together with other radiators according to your home size.

How does it work?

This system works through 2 different alternatives. One, by means of hot water (like conventional heating systems), and the other through electricity (recently developed).

In the latter case, the attributed benefit is the cost savings since purge or maintenance of boiler and system are not needed.


  • Earn saving.
  • Innovative design with space saving.
  • Low thermal inertia.
  • Highly reliable performance.
  • Glass condensation prevention.
  • Cold zone elimination.
  • No damp stains.
  • The heat provided is hygienic and quiet.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Fresh air from outside is allowed with personal adjustment in the previously heated area.
  • 10 years warranty.

Heater Windows®  is a clean, efficient and cheap system, better than conventional heating systems.

Images Gallery

If you are interested, you can visit one of our two model houses located in Buenos Aires and Córdoba provinces.  The product can be seen placed and working.

  • Alto Verde neighbourhood – Capital city of Córdoba
  • La Lucila – Buenos Aires Province

NAOS Openings – Institutional video

Naos has developed an innovative product based on energy and space saving.  The heating windows system takes the brand name  Heater Windows placing an added value to architectural projects.

Interview to Gustavo Garcia.

Project Presentation.

Interview to Tenants.

Buenos Aires Model House Opening.

Heater Net

The project Heater Net (Carpenters Network) was born from Heater Windows ( Heating Windows System) to meet the total quality needs in the market and the customer’s full satisfaction from construction firms, private individuals or construction professionals.

Heater Net consists of those highly professional industries and their well-informed workers constantly trained by our team. The sum of all these strategies will produce as a result a total quality product.
The industries selection to be accepted in the Heater Net goes through a demanding classification, as well as quality controls in the plant and construction to get the best product aesthetics.

To get the best adviser for your carpentry contact the best carpenters from Heater Net (through the contact section) and be part of the “pleasure of building”.
Heater Net offers an installation service that grants the customer a written warranty signed by Heater Windows and the installation engineer.
The industrialists that belong to this Heater Net will advise and guide each customer to get the aesthetic and technical solutions to each project.

From the functional point of view, the heating system “cannot be seen” and it does not take up space what makes this system easily integrated in every building design (houses, hotels, hospitals, etc). From the aesthetic point of view, the design is subtle, smart and with excellent finishes in keeping with the windows finishes. Even NAOS staff had fit a heater in a dressing room mirror. Congratulations and continue carrying out projects that you are doing very well!

Arq. Guillermo Marshall 


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